Andolia is a place as if detached from Heaven. Andolia is an authentic Romanian amusement park, as you rarely find. Andolia is a project that tries to bring together people who share the same values ​​- trust, altruism, love of truth, love of traditions and nature. Andolia is a camp of creation, relaxation and knowledge.

We created Adolia because we wanted to live differently than in the fast pace imposed by the contemporary world, because happiness interests us more than money and because our health seems more important than luxury.

If you want to see what it’s like to connect with nature, as our ancestors did, if you want to learn ancient crafts, if you want to ski or take riding lessons, roam the mountains and learn survival and camping techniques, if you want to eat healthy, traditional dishes, cooked in a cauldron, or simply if you want to relax, away from the city and the crowded tourist resorts, come to Andolia!