Who are we ?

Andolia – a corner of the mountain, full of joy

Thank you for thinking of coming to our location. We are happy to share with you the beauty of the place where we are waiting for you with love.

Far from the urban agglomeration, in the valley of Andolia, a dream takes shape. We built an agro-tourism guesthouse-cabin, with 16 places to stay, besides which, in a year or two, a mountain village with traditional houses will be born.
We don’t want to tell you stories. We want, together with you, to create wonderful memories, worthy of being told further.

You can enjoy the peace and beauty of the place. There are hiking trails in the area.

The food will be prepared every day, from products offered by farms in the area, with minimal processing and industrialization. We will have three meals a day, with pre-set menus that will contain tasty dishes from traditional gastronomy. Breakfast and dinner are included in the price. Lunch is paid separately. Vegetarians are asked to tell us their gastronomic wishes before arriving with us.
As far as possible, we will try to adapt, over time, to the requirements of vegans.
We do not cook a la carte, like in a restaurant. Please let us know in advance if you have preferences (do not eat pork or chicken, etc.).
With us you can relax in a sauna and in a spa with hot and salty water, services that are included in the price.
To find out about the trails in our area, we recommend you visit the website of the Montana Ecology Center, in the downloads section (cem.ro/downloads).

We do NOT accept manele or bad quality music!
We unilaterally reserve the right to refuse certain genres of music that contravene our rules. Respect for other guests and staff is also essential.
We assure you that there is ambiance and successful parties with other music genres.
The access to our cottage is on a marked path, on a 20-25 minute route from the parking lot specially arranged for our tourists. The luggage is transported by us with Landy or our trailer. Car parking is in Fundata, at Casa Plai cu Dor. Important: to guide you how to get to the parking lot, please call us on the day of arrival when you enter Fundata!

Being in a mountain area, we want to keep the rooms in the best conditions possible, to always find them clean and welcoming. To be successful in this endeavour, please leave your shoes in the designated storage area, and if you do not bring house slippers, we are happy to provide you with disposable slippers for access upstairs and in the rooms.
We enjoy the energy provided by nature, transforming it into electricity. However, when the stock of electricity runs out, we are forced to turn on a generator. We ask our tourists to help us pollute nature as little as possible, by taking care to use electricity or hot or cold water.
In the utmost respect for nature, we try to apply, as far as possible, but as much as possible and, gradually, completely, measures to become as “clean” as possible, from an ecological point of view. That is why one of the measures is to collect waste selectively. As our distinguished guests, please help us in this endeavor and use the specific baskets and bins for the selective collection of waste.

We address people who love nature and peace. If our guests have children, it is good to know that with us they can learn about mountain hiking, they can learn, with the help of their parents, a lot about nature, about plants and animals, about grandmother’s food, about selective collection, about respect for the environment and compared to other people. It is important to know that there are both domestic and wild animals in the area!

We’re just getting started, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have our own experiences. Andolia is a unique experience, a living entity, meant to evolve, grow, heal, enjoy, live through and with us.
That’s why your contribution to the evolution of Andolia will always be not only desired, but also sought. Andolia is for us, for you, with you and with us!