Our ancestors knew – God gave us our hands to create beauty, to do useful things, for us and those around us to enjoy.

Nothing can be more relaxing, for a man who spends most of his time at the office, at the computer, among abstract papers and calculations, or caught in the hustle and bustle of the city, than learning a craft.

The joy of seeing a real object come out of your hands, modeled, sculpted or painted, is incomparable. And then, why spend money on mass-produced souvenirs, many of them without personality or, even worse, without good taste, when you can create them yourself and live a unique experience, in the pottery course, of sculpture or painting?

You will take with you not only a memory, but the MEMORY of the place that brought you the joy of learning and creating.

The hands were given by God to help us in all kinds of activities.

Your hands can bring you joy, especially when lovingly crafted objects can come out of them.

Hands can create beautiful memories in their own way, which can be taken home, with the joy that you have created something. Thus you took with you the pleasant memory of the place that brought you the joy of your own creation.

Our masters are body and soul involved in this moment of your creation to guide you.