Life is a journey and the more beautiful roads you travel, the more enjoyable it becomes.

We will teach you, with skilled hiking instructors, how to make friends with the road and the mountain, how to orient yourself on the ground, how to recognize edible plants, how to make fire, how to make a shelter and how camp, how to recognize trees and animal tracks, how to dose your effort and how to set your pace.

You will have with you, all this time, an instructor who will guarantee that you are  will be safe, even if you will live at maximum intensity and your adrenaline level will increase considerably.

Your feet can get you in many places.

With the help of your feet, the road becomes your friend, especially when it helps you discover extraordinary places and views.

But it is good to befriend the road and its rules.

Our instructors will gladly bring you closer to the mountain road, with all their knowledge. What you need to know when walking on the mountain, how to orient yourself in the field, how to camp, how and where to make fire, are just a few examples of friendship with the mountain road. You will discover that the road has its plants, its trees, its animals, its stories that will be told to you by the places where it passes.